"Dan the Piano Man...

When it comes to pianos, Dan's the Man

He can tune them, he can store them

He can move that baby grand

Dan...the Piano Man!"

Dan Loibl IS

"Dan the Piano Man"

by Ed Clark

The jingle says it all; Dan Loibl is the Piano Man. Pianos have been part of his life since he started taking piano lessons when he was 6 years old.

He went on to major in music at Valley City State University in North Dakota, where one day he saw a hand-written flyer on a bulletin board that read, “Local Piano Tuner Needed.” Looking for some extra money, Loibl responded to the ad and began working as an assistant to a piano tuner who was in his 70s looking to retire.

Dan worked with him for 18 months until he graduated. His boss’s graduation gift to Dan was a list of 200 customers he wasn’t able to service anymore, and Dan was in business!

While teaching junior and senior high school band for 16 years in the North Dakota area, Dan tuned pianos part-time until the business got so big, he finished teaching to do it full-time. Meanwhile, he kept up his musical skills by playing trumpet in a local dance band.

In the late 70s Loibl visited a friend in Spokane to help him build a pole barn and fell in love with the area. He moved here in 1980 after learning that most of the old-time piano tuners had passed away or retired. His business of tuning, repairing and moving pianos began to grow. He expanded his services to include sales of new and used pianos and piano storage.

Dan the Piano Man now offers dozens of new and used pianos, including brands like Story & Clark, Charles R. Walter, and Hardman. The company also has over 100 pianos in climate-controlled storage, which is priced considerably less than other dealers.

Over the years Dan has amassed over 42,000 customers and is known nationally for his expertise. He’s a trusted piano tuner who takes care of scores of church and school pianos.

He’s tuned pianos for some of the most famous pianists in the entertainment industry, including Arthur Ferrante, John Ford Coley and Vladimir Horowitz. He tuned Horowitz’s 9-foot Steinway five times, which was played on the Bing Crosby Theater stage and was on display in Spokane. Horowitz’s piano is now in the Smithsonian.

Business is brisk for Dan the Piano Man. He moves up to 30 pianos a week.

With each move they offer a coupon for $15 off tuning. Pianos should be tuned once or twice a year and whenever they are moved, you should wait about 4 to 6 weeks to tune the piano.

As for repair and rebuilding, they offer everything from simple adjustments to complete rebuilding, including new strings, hammers and key covers.

The company is located at 1708 North Vista Road in the Spokane Valley. Visit www.danthepianoman.com for a full listing of products and services. Yes, “When it comes to pianos, Dan’s the Man. Dan the Piano Man.”