We hope we have provided you some other ideas, possible fun for your old piano...

Rebuilding a piano costs thousands of dollars to restore and can potentially be worth only a small amount. It leaves you with the burden of what to do now. Well, now here are some different options;

Remember: if it is in bad/non playing condition, better to dump it (a service we offer for $150 plus the move to pick it up) than burden someone else with a non-usable piano. We at Dan the Piano Man came up with a list:

Charities for Pianos

SUA- Society of Unique Arts- Best & Most convenient. tax deduction, have free pick up, they make all arrangements. Non-profit. Website suartists.org
Keys44kids- tax deduction for piano, nothing on the website states if they help with pick up of piano. They ask for a offset fee that is not tax deductible. Keys44kids.com
Pianos for education-tax deduction-nonprofit. Nothing said about pick up of piano. Pianosforeducation.org
M4arts- Hassel free-doesn’t say anything about piano pick up. Tax deduction up to legal limit. Must have independent appraisal done. M4arts.org
Piano adoption- a free website to donate unwanted pianos. Can list your piano and the details (for free) on this site. Pianoadoption.com
Northwest pianos- in Bellevue- no tax deduction for this site. Very picky on the pianos they take. Northwestpianos.com

Beethovenfoundation- founded by concert pianist Jan Mulder, they do not accept            pianos over 20 years old. Nonprofit organization. Also move piano at no expense from location A. 

Livingpianos.com- needs to be in decent condition, and "might" buy

Other places to try: Piano rescue (it is on Facebook), Flypaper.com, Soundfly.com, GovDeals.municibid, GSAAuctions

Other places to consider:

VFW, American legion, lions club, nursing homes, preschools, churches, schools, music teachers, thrift stores; (value village, goodwill, northwest Christian, teen challenge, UGM, Salvation Army, Arc of Spokane) theatre, local schools, private schools, private music teachers, colleges, charity donation trucks, auctions, yard sales, local home school community, can put flyers at local colleges-many students would love to play outside of lessons.

Turning your old piano into something else:

We all have a bit of artist/do it yourself in us. Something to consider is what else can you do with your piano, We at Dan the Piano Man, have searched and came up with a list of fun ideas:

Bookcase, table-coffee table, buffet bar, water fountain/lawn decorations, planters, insides for climbing flowers, desk, bar, art work, aquarium, lighting fixtures-out of parts of the piano, someone made a square grand into a stove, someone else made an upright into a fold out bed.