We are hoping to fully restore this beautiful find!!!!! Help us!

Chickering Cocked Hat Grand Piano 

​Look what we found!!! Lucky us!!! Smithsonian quality piano, Anyone interested in restoring this beautiful piano "not cheap" 

Anyone a collector that might be interested??

The chickering cocked hat grand

Only 150 Cocked Hats were ever made. 

Their shape is unique, when they were lined up in the factory waiting for shipment, they looked like a hat cocked back on someones head. It could be possible they were made this way so that you could view the pianist hands on the keys.  Piano's fit was snugger in corners. Keys are angled more towards the center of room.

The piano patterned after the shape and overall design of the spinet. It is also looked at as a cross between a square grand and a grand. Mechinically designed and built the same as 19th century square grand piano, but the shape and stringing pattern are very different. The strings fan out in an unusual angle, almost diagonal. 

These pianos were built in Boston as early as 1823. The model was short lived...very rare