Questions we ask in order to give an accurate piano move estimate:

1. Is the piano a Grand or an Upright piano? (see chart below)

2. About how big is your Upright/Grand piano? (see chart below) Is it a player piano?

3. What is the piano's location and what is the its destination? If you don't have one or both addresses, is there a park or school or store nearby that we can reference?

4. Are there any steps involved in moving the piano in or out of either location? If so, how many?

5. Are there any sharp turns or special circumstances?

6. When are you needing this move done?

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**Any pricing given for moving (or any other service) is only an estimate of the actual cost. We charge for actual time spent moving which is why we don't quote; our time starts and ends at our shop. 

Thank you for understanding.


We have been moving pianos in the Spokane area for over 30 years.  Our team of well trained, qualified movers is here to help with your piano moving needs.  Moving a piano is not like moving a piece of furniture, specialized equipment must be used and .

We also move pianos to the west coasts of WA and OR a few times a year (except during winter months).  Call or email for prospective dates.